Which app to go for in garnering the attention you always wanted!

There are new social apps doing the rounds! But what about a social networking app which makes you see what the rich kids are doing. In order to make you more aware of what is happening around the world, the rich kids social media is your best bet. This is a social networking website in which all the affluent consumers are present. This is an exclusive social media network in which you can enjoy lots of pictures posted.

Rich kids is basically a new photo sharing app which comes for free. The monthly charges of this social website are exorbitantly high.

How to get this app from Apple web store?

This app is downloaded from the Apple spp store and through facebook login, there is a free membership as well. The users don’t need to pay up for anything and can easily see the posts of members who are categorised as rich and healthy. On this social media app, only the rich kids can post the content.

Features of rich kids app

Posting the content on social media app is easier and you can build your true fan base. As per this platform, the Rich Kids app is meant for those who are more privileged. Main purpose of building this app is that you can build you large fan following. Hashtags used are #rkoi and #richkids.

Talking about one of the first member of this app, there are many prominent names which fall into this category. Membership can be overpriced but that helps in funding of the underprivileged kids. Some other prominent people were also a part of this website when it all started. The rich kids membership may be overpriced but still funding education is the main purpose for which this app is appreciated worldwide.

Know Why Opt for Rich Kids Membership

Today people greatly rely on social networking websites when it comes to share their experience, thoughts or to make any update. The demand of these social sites is increasing at a rapid pace and you will hardly find any people not registered with a social site. Most of these social networking sites are free to sign up and you can instantly sign up with a social site and start sharing your thoughts. But, there is a social site where you need to pay for signing in up and it is called Rich Kids Social Media. It is the world’s exclusive social networking site designed exclusively for the elite group of people which are unspoiled by the sights of poverty of taxing its users. You can sign up for free with this social site using your other social account, but for posting and sharing your experience on this social site you would require paying $1000 per month.



Reasons for Opting for Rich Kids Membership

When the social networking sites are free to sign up, then why pay for availing the same service. Well, there are many users of social networking sites and you find it difficult to get the recognition which you deserve. So, in such situation you can sign up with the Rich Kids. You will find great inclusivity with this social networking site as it gives required recognition to the wealthiest members for which you pay. This paid social networking site gives the affluent members the equal chance to shine and get the recognition online.

So, people who want to shine, get the recognition they deserve and get unlimited followers for their pages, then opting for the Rich Kids Membership would be worthwhile for them. There are also other benefits that aid members of this social networking site can enjoy after signing up with social platform.

Be The Affluent One By Signing Up with Rich Kids Social Media Platform 

Appeal and demand for social media is hugely increasing among st the masses. Be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, today people with a Smartphone can easily open up an account with these social platforms for free and immediately start posting for free. But, this is not the case with the popular social media called Rich Kids. It is the self proclaimed world’s most exclusive social media platform for well-off populaces. Unlike all other social media platforms, Rich Kids claim to offer a well-off platform to the wealthiest kids which are unspoiled by the sight of poverty of taxing its users for posting. Although I was allowed to sign-up with the social media platform for free using my Facebook account, but to share content on this platform I was asked to pay a huge membership fee of $1000 per month.



Why Pay The Hefty Rich Kids Membership Fee?

There are many people whom I know would not prefer paying for such services, when they are free with other websites. Well, that is true but what I have found is that the inclusivity of other social platforms is truly making it complicated for wealthiest populace to stand out from the crowd. To address the needs of the affluent populaces, this social media platform assures to give equal chance to the affluent to shine the way they deserve online by making the platform un affordable and expensive for others. This is what I think is the reason why the social platform has made their services paid. So, if you want to shine and obtain the place virtually then pay the Rich Kids Membership fees and succeed virtually.

There are many other benefits which I have found as a member of this social media platform. The exclusivity of the platform is really very outstanding which kills the social aspects of all other social platforms.